What is YouTube SEO?

YouTube SEO is the process of optimizing your YouTube video or channel to rank on given keywords in YouTube’s organic search results. This process includes optimization of thumbnail, meta descriptions, tags, and quality of video and audio.

Best YouTube SEO Tips/strategy

Make videos on single keyword/topic

Most content creators advised focusing on a single topic for best result. But some people try to Grab more attention and create multiple videos on multiple topics which will not help to improve their ranking.

Because Google and YouTube and all other channels want to show the best result according to their customers. It means if you make videos on gaming then you can make video for gaming gadgets. But you can not create for fashion it will look irrelevant and you can not rank your channel on your targeted position. That is because of user engagement. Because a person is interested in gaming he/she will not like fashion from your channel and vice versa. So keep your channel in a single niche to gain more and more authority. 

Understand Your Audience

If you want to rank your videos you need to first understand your audience who is watching your videos who are interested in your videos. In simple if you are creating a video on playing games then mostly young people will follow you and watch your video, and if you are creating video on health then your target audience will be medical persons and some interesting people will watch your video.

Choose branded name

Selection of brand name is also an important factor for YouTube SEO. Some people create channels on different names which they like. Some irrelevant words are bad for branding. For example β€œDeggimanola” is not an easy word but i like it but most of the other people can not understand this word. So keep your name short and meaningful so that a new viewer can easily find your channel. There is no confusion in the spelling. 

Gain the attention in start

Most of the people say the first 15-20 seconds are the most important time which decides either viewers what the full video or leave video. Now most of the youtube creators do not waste initial time displaying intro videos of 30-40 seconds. They show what a video is about in this way viewers  see if this video is valuable or not. The channels who are using this attesting technique have good user engagement, watch duration and little bounce rate.

Make Short video

Short video is good for most of the viviers according to the niche.  Some people make videos for hours and they are not providing quality content. You need to provide extra quality content in limited time because no one has much time to watch your videos for heart hold onto X off video. 

Great thumbnail

a thumbnail is the first thing which a person sees in search results. The professional video is judged easily before clicking any video by thumbnail. The professional content creator knows the value of thumbnails and provides valuable information on their thumbnail picture. 

If you create a good unique design (font, picture) for your videos it has a great effect on your videos. Everyone likes to watch videos of professionals which makes valuable content. Sometimes people neglect your video because of your thumbainle. It means you spent hours to create a video but no time for good thumabine, it’s a waste of time. Keep your content clear and try to use the dark picture for high engagement and professional look.  

Use Tags, and Use Them Properly

Tags are the keyboard which people search on Google or YouTube, you need to use important tags which some people are not using in their video. You need to add the best suitable tags according to your video. Some people use irrelevant tags to gain more and more traffic but these tags will not help them a lot. Because now search engines are advanced and they know well what the user wants and what to show them. 

Improve Quality

Nowadays video quality is another and most important factor of YouTube SEO.

If you are using a low quality gadget to make your video then you are wasting your time because it’s the era of technology. 

You can invest a little amount to buy the good gadget to make your video because you are not only investing your money also of your precious time. A good quality of content, video and audio is enough for user engagement. 

Engage with your Audience

You can engage with your audience by replying them on your videos. People ask some questions related to your video if you give them the answer it will be helpful for you and for other many people because the same questions will come in the minds of new viewers. This is also a good factor to rank because when you provide value to your viewers than your ranking will be automatically increased. 

Promote on other social channels

Promotion of your YouTube video or channels on the other social media that will help you to increase your audience because you are not Limited on the one channel. Good amount of  traffic on youtube is also coming from different social media websites. Because when a user likes a video they share it on their profile. In this way a shared video on social media can easily get more shares if it’s interesting. In this way most of the youtube channel gained a handsome amount of subscribers and views. So when you share a video then you need to share it on other channels facebook, twitter etc. 

Use YouTube cards

A YouTube card is a recommendation in your video which you give to your users, it means you need to guide your user to watch your other videos to improve their knowledge.

Every website wants to make their user happy by keeping them the good content and youtube also wants the same. if you are redirected people to watch for other videos which has relevant knowledge this will improve your ranking

Increase uploading speed & schedule 

You need to upload your videos very quickly because in a minute on roads or millions of thousands of videos are uploaded on average set in if you want to improve your ranking you need to create more and more credit for your audience. Because when you upload a video and your audience will forget you very quickly but if you are creating new accordingly you are following will also increase. Try to upload videos with a schedule. It means not all made 10 videos on the same days. Keep a sequence if you can share 2 videos in a day then you need to upload 1 for each day. It’s more beneficial than putting all videos in once.  


if you follow these YouTube SEO tips then there is a high chance your video will be rank because still most of the people do not working on some factors which is a good for your ranking. It does not matter when you upload video it totally depends on the quality of your video. Good the quality high views and good watch time on your video.