Upright Go vs Lumo Lift Best Comparison!

Upright go and Lumo lift both are top posture corrector the main difference is their placement on the body, upright directly attach with your body but Lumo lift attaches on your cloth.

Upright go vs Upright go 2 vs Lumo lift Comparison Chart.

ProductUpright GOUpright GO 2Lumo Lift
Battery Life10 hours30 hours48+ hours
Weight5.6 ounces0.32 ounces0.48 ounces
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How do we compare both Devices?

  • Price Difference
  • Features
  • User Reviews
  • User experience
  • Battery Timing
  • Easy to Use

Is bad Posture can affect some one’s physical health?

Yes, bad posture puts a lot of pressure on the back muscles, spine, and neck. This creates tension, weakness and other problems for ourselves and our children.

Current studies show that 80% of young and 65% of children all around the world have that bad posture issue.

That ratio is constantly increasing fastly. To remove that problem our technology helped us to solve that problem by creating braces less posture corrector for our best use. That is the reason we have compare two wearable posture trainer Upright Go vs Lumo Lift.

Importance Of Good Posture

Your posture affects everything from your health, appearance, communication, mood and even productivity.

No doubt good posture creates a good impact on our life. Bad posture makes our life more boring and creates back pain. As we get tired soon due to that wrong posture. In the party, if your posture is good you can gain the attention easily because science says for good looking

“Posture is the first important thing which shows your personality”

Our Top Pick: Lumo Lift 

For Beginners or new Users: Upright Go is best and affordable

Upright go vs Lumo Lift Price Difference

Both devices working concept is the same when you slough at the bad position they vibrate to remind you that correct your posture their sound is not irritating us.

There is a huge price difference in both posture corrector gadgets Upright Go can be available in the range of $80-$100 but for the Lumo lift that is the double of the upright go price. That price difference is due to some extra features of the lumo lift. See the features of lumo lift.

Features Comparison

ProductUpright GOUpright GO 2Lumo Lift
Battery Life10 hours30 hours48+ hours
Weight5.6 ounces0.32 ounces0.48 ounces
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Both devices Pros and Cons

Upright Go – Affordable Posture Corrector Device & Trainer

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The UPRIGHT GO is a comfortable strapless posture corrector that you place on your upper back. It reminds you to sit or stand up straight with a real-time gentle vibration reminder. 8 out of 10 Upright users report a posture improvement of 92% in less than 2 weeks!

Excellent design that can be used anywhere as you want just place it on you back and feel free go in good posture.

If you want to get more information about Upright Go Click to Read

Lumo Lift – Best Posture Corrector

Lumo Lift

With Lumo Lift, get gentle vibrational reminders for your posture whenever you slouch. Track your posture hours, steps taken, distance travelled and calories burned through the companion iOS, Android or Windows Desktop Lumo Lift app.

Get real-time feedback on your posture and activity that is also Best lightweight Posture corrector all-time.

The best thing is that you just place it on your clothes easily that connects by self with the help of magnate.

Final Thought’s To Best Buy

Both devices are excellent and provide the 100% good result if you use them correctly. I will suggest you buy the upright Go Because that is for new users and also if you have limited pocket but want to take advantage of Upright Go

If you have money I will suggest to you to buy Lumo lift because that has some extra features than upright go and its battery time is 6x than upright Go. it means you do not need to charge it daily.

Take advantage of the best posture corrector device to improve your life. Now that best for children to remove their bad habit of posture.

Mostly Asked Questions

Is upright go waterproof?

No that is not waterproof but that is sweat-proof you can use it in the summer. The company says you can use it at any time and any wear. But you cannot use it during taking bath and swimming.

Upright go vs upright go 2

Both are posture trainer upright go 2 is updater version of upright go. Battery life 10 to 30 hours for upright go 2 and size also reduced as compared to upright go.

Upright go, upright go 2 alternative?

Upright go or upright go 2 alternative in digital posture trainer is Lumo lift which has large battery life and attach on your cloth.

How long does it take to charge upright go?

It takes 2-3 hours to fully charge.

How long should you wear a posture corrector?

Initially, you need to wear it just for 10-15 minutes for the 2-3 day then you will be familiar with it and you like to wear it for a long time I have seen people like to wear it for 2-3 hours in a day their battery time is also amazing you did not need to charge it daily if you use it 10 hours a day then you need to charge that posture corrector because their battery time is 10 hours.

Can you sleep with a posture corrector?

No, you cannot sleep wearing that posture corrector because when you turn side then that can remove from your body and every person turn their side 10-20times in an hour. So you cannot use it during sleeping.

Is it good to wear a posture corrector?

Yes, it is good to wear a posture corrector. It has not even 1% bad effect on your body they also save yourself from the neck and back pain which is a common issue all around the world. 
Posture corrector has many other benefits you will remain active and fresh as you can enjoy your life I will highly recommend everyone to buy that amazing gadget for the improvement of their life.

Is it good to buy Posture corrector?

I will say “Yes” because it tries to change your bad habit. If you use it correctly then you will get 100% result.

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