Best Wireless Smart AC Controller Sensibo Sky Review

It is hard to turn on-off the AC when you are on the bed or doing something other work.

Also, the range of Remote is not enough that you can use from other room but smart Sensibo sky can work from outside the house just press one button on phone your AC will be turn on and off easily.

Product Summary

Overall Rating: 85%
Customer Satisfaction: 91%
Performance: 88%
Durable: 85%
App connectivity & Working: 97%

Why it is Important

In hot places, an air conditioner becomes part of life. If you are living in a hot place then you need cool air to sleep and make your life more comfortable and easy. That is the same with cold places then you need warm air from the heater and something else. Smart Air conditioner comes with both features to produce according to your location.   

But if you have a window, wall and portable do you not want to make it smarter?

Mostly electricity is waste when we forget to turn off the button of our air conditioner than such kind of best smart gadget helps us to save our electricity.

I want to tell you the best feature of Sensibo in this review.

Sensibo can be used just by one click. You can imagine how you feel an easy life when you get up to turn on the Air conditioner but now buy one click of your App.

What is Sensibo?

Sensibo is an external device that can convert your portable AC into a smart air conditioner.

That enables you to control your AC all around the world with the help of App but requires that your device is also connected with the internet. That can help to waste electricity.

Smart AC controller Sensibo Sky Review

How Sensibo Works?

It a small gadget that uses the same technology as remote works but has 3X extra features as simple remote. That requires an internet connection to work. Just turn on that device that automatically connects to wifi. After setting up connection b/w your AC remote and Sensibo you can use it anywhere from just enter a command on the phone at your home.

Just open the app and do what you want means you want to increase the speed, reduce temperature or turn off then click on the screen of your phone your ac will turn off. How easy to use Sensibo.

When you left the home means your phone goes out of range then turns off to save your electricity that is the best benefit of sensible which makes it the best gadget in smart products for the home kit.


  • Download the app
  • Create an account on that App
  • Scan QR code of your device with the app
  • Power on your device that connects with wifi automatically
  • Place your remote near device and press power button on the device detects your remote 
  • All integration of your Sensibo is done enjoy with the help of your App that is the reason why you buy Sensibo.

App Performance & Mods

After setting up your device you will be amazed at that best wireless air conditioner device.

All the things can be controlled with the app it has 3 different working features.

Climate React

That is the amazing feature that gives comfort when room temperature increases the human level that turns off and again start work later when its sensor feels room again need to turn on the Air conditioner.


You can schedule your ac with the help of the app and then feel free your ac working your schedule for 7 days. You can set the speed, temperature, and timing every day different for 7 days or can keep the same as you want.

That also helps you to turn on the Air conditioner at the night time and turn off at the morning time automatically you can do anything from that little device.


How you feel when you come into the room and your room is already cool to take rest and peace.

That is the geofencing feature that makes it a great product. When you come in the range of your home that App automatically sends the order to turn on the ac and if you get away from the house that does the reverse process to turn off your AC. As you can save electricity. Just you need to select that mode from your app.


Sensibo is not only can be controlled by the App you can control it by Amazon Alexa, iPhone Siri, Google Assistant. These smart devices can connect by a single click. Then you do not need to open your app. You just say Alexa to turn on the air conditioner, turn off air conditioner all other features i.e. reduce speed, temperature, blade rotation by your voice. sensibo sky review


  • Easy to set Up
  • One-click use
  • Works with Alexa, Siri and Google Assistant
  • Can be easily wall-mounted
  • Makes your simple AC to Smart
  • Free app


  • To give command App is Necessary
  • Not have any control from the device


Hope now you can now the importance of the Sensibo in our life. If you want to make your life more comfortable and easy then i will suggest you to Buy that best product for your home. 


Where to Place the Sensibo Sky Device

You can palace that device in your room at any place but in the range of 20 feet from your AC. Because that send instructions to your Air conditioner to work according to your wish. Just place that device near the air Conditioner but you can use it from the help of app All around the work.

Which Air Conditioners Does Sensibo Support?

All the Air conditioner that comes with infrared remote control.

But now 90% of devices come with remote the 10% is very old type conditioner.

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