Now the battle of the electric scooter vs self-balancing hoverboard is increasing.

Both products are the best way to cover short and long distances without facing any traffic issues.
These are well known for the entertainment purpose both for kids and adults.
The choice of the product also depends on the rider’s use and personal preference (speed, weight limit, distance covered, seated, charging time).

Some people like to travel on the hoverboard without putting their hands busy on the handle of the electric scooters.

There are some limitations which are present in the hoverboard which makes it a loser in front of the electric scooters.

  • low speed
  • low distance cover
  • Rider safety
  • Seated feature

Why is an electric scooter better than a hoverboard?

No doubt electric scooters are far better than hoverboards. Some riders love to ride hoverboards instead of e-scooters. Every person has its own choice. But scooters are good one overall in.

  • Riders safety.
  • Easy to ride
  • Weight capacity
  • No riding skills required
  • Long distance covered
  • Off road quality
  • Seated feature

In this post we have covered detailed some major factors of electric scooters vs hoverboards.


Age is the first factor which is seen before buying any sports product. In comparison to electric scooter vs hoverboard the minimum age 4+ years is must for riding.
Both have the kids and adult products. You need to see the age and then select which product you want to buy. From the safety and ease of riding an electric scooter is the best option because there is not high riding and balancing skills required but for the hoverboard good skills required. Hoverboard riding is a little difficult and takes much time as compared to the electric scooters.

Reason of Buying

The other main factor which people neglect is the reason why they are buying the product.
Are you buying for yourself or for your kid? Then check buying for the entertainment purpose or for professional use. For the entertainment purpose you do not need to see the detail of the distance cover and range because for entertainment purposes mostly people do not go on the long ride. They use it for fun. But if you want to buy this to cover distance for your daily life work i.e going to school, college, office. You must check how much distance can be covered by the product and how much is your distance. For the professional purpose you need to invest some extra amount on the range and speed reason. Normal range scooter under $150 product can easily cover the distance of 10 miles easily.


Speed is the other factor which mostly riders see before to buy the 2 wheel self balancing scooter or electric scooter. Hoverboards’ fastest speed is 12.5 MPH and can cover a limited distance max of 16 miles which is enough for your daily commuting and for fun. For the kids speed and distance is enough for their riding and fun. But on the other hand if you want to cover the long distance then you need to select the scooter. Some scooters can go at the speed of 50+ MPH and can cover 50+ miles on single charge.

Distance covered

As we have earlier mentioned that the hoverboard can maximum can cover the range of 15 miles and can have speed 12.5 MPH. But on the other hand electric scooter max speed is more than 50 MPH and distance is more than 50+ miles on the single charge. It means you do not need to charge your product daily after a short ride. It also depends on your choice and distance. But for the distance covered mostly normal electric scooters distance is more than the expensive hoverboard.

Rider safety

From the rider perspective the safety on the electric scooter is more than the hoverboard. On the electric scooter a person who never uses a scooter can ride easily but on the hoverboard this thing is not possible. You need to be more conscious of the injuries during your learning process.
In the hoverboard a rider safety is limited if you are on the high speed a little mistake puts you in very dangerous condition that’s why from the safety perspective electric scooters are better there handle present to control the situation easily.

Learning Process

Learning process for the electric scooter is much easier as compared to a hoverboard. In the electric scooter you need on the product and grab the handle and enjoy your ride. But for the hoverboard balancing is a major problem and a newbie cannot maintain his/her balance without external support. Both products come with different learning modes with their speed limit and distance coverage. That is the best option for the new rider. Here also the electric scooter wins.

Weight of Product

In this factor the winner is a hoverboard because they are extra lightweight and portable. A kid can carry most of the hoverboards available in the market. It means their weight is low. But on the other hand some scooters can not be carried by an adult person. The reason behind weight is that on that much high speed and more durability and stability is required. That’s why electric scooter bodies are made of steel.

Seated feature

Hoverboard does not come with the seated feature but an electric scooter comes. Seated feature is the good option in electric scooters for most of the riders. This will help to cover the distance without standing on the running wheels board. Due to this feature no one needs to require high riding skills but if you are on the high speed electric scooter you must be careful about your safety. Because we have seen some beginners riders go so fast that they can not control it and face some major injuries.

Off road use

For the off road purpose some hoverboards come with this feature. But they are not good enough in front of electric scooters. Hoverboards can be ridden on the small rocky and grass path. But if you like to ride your hoverboard on the hill riding purpose it will disappoint you if there will be some bad road or rocky path. Electric scooter comes with the handle which helps us to control it very quickly with the help of the handle. Some electric scooters are only made for off road lovers. These come with the large tire which helps to ride on most of the little rocky path.

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