hoverboard buying guide

In this hoverboard buying guide, we have covered all topics from “which things to see in best hoverboard” to “riding your hoverboard”.

We have seen many people buy some product which is good at beginner (initial) level but after some days its need modification or replacement.

We will tell you which important features must have your product. Some important points to keep in mind in the selection of any hoverboard…

Let’s begin!

Hoverboard Buyer’s Guide

Following are the important features to see before the selection of your 2 wheel self balancing scooters but some extra features are also mentioned. But these extra features are not much important if you want a budget hoverboard.

UL-2272 Certified

This is the most important factor to see in the selection of hoverboard because safety is the most important factor. If you buy a cheap hoverboard with a low price which has not any safety-certified then there may be a chance it will put you in danger during your ride. You know when you ride any hoverboard it got hot and lithium batteries are used which increases the danger of fire. But if your hoverboard is UL2272 certified which means it has not any issue of fire or any other which most people see when the hoverboard introduced.

Weight Capacity

Weight capacity is important if you are buying a hoverboard for the adult user because some hoverboards are made for kids and they cannot bear the weight of an adult. But if you want to buy the hoverboard for your kid then you do not need to see the weight capacity of the user. Now mostly hoverboard can support a maximum of 220lbs or 100kg. But if you want to buy for a heavy adult it’s available and can support up to 420lbs+ or 190kg.

Motor Power

Motor power is the other factor that decides how much a hoverboard can cover the distance. If motor power is low it means it can not cover long distances or can support the heavy adult user. Mostly the self-balancing scooters are made according to the need of users at the defined price. If your hoverboard motor power is large it means you can cover a long distance and all family members can use this scooter.


Speed depends on the power of the motor. Some hoverboards can cover only 6-7 miles on the single charge but the good hoverboards can cover 10-12 miles easily and the fastest hoverboard available in the market with a top speed of 12.5miles on a single charge. If you want the long-range hoverboards then you need to invest a little high amount on your purchase.

Tire Size

The hoverboard comes in different tire sizes. The most commonly available are 6.5, 8, 10 inches. Tire sizes also help in the smooth ride on a different surface. 6.5-inch hoverboards are mostly made for kids. But 10-inch hoverboards are the top products and can be equally used from all kids to heavy adult users. These 10 inch comes under all-terrain hoverboards.

Battery Life

Battery life decides how much time you can ride your hoverboard. In the beginning, hoverboards cannot ride more than 8 miles on a single charge but now their battery life improved and can be a ride for 2-3 hours easily. More you invest in the selection of long battery life you will get.

Charging Time

If you ride your hoverboard gadget for 2 hours and charge it again in 5-6 hours is you will like it none of use will like that thing. Now in electronic products, the concept of fast charging is very amazing. All these devices improving their time by taking the technology of fast charging.

Extra features to see in 2 wheel self-balancing scooters

Riding mods

Now many premium quality products come with different riding modes. These self-balancing scooters are expensive products. If a newbie is learning how to ride using a hoverboard he/she wants low speed to save himself from the injury.

Riding mods are

  • Learning mod
  • Normal mod
  • Pro mod


Waterproof is an extra feature but its very important. Some hoverboard comes with a waterproof feature it means you can ride your hoverboard in rain and can be ridden from the water on the road. In the past, people want to ride their hoverboard on the beach near water but they can not but now you can ride without hesitation. Some waterproof hoverboards are.

Bluetooth speaker

All the hoverboards do not come with the built-in Bluetooth speakers. Some people want to enjoy their ride by listening to their music. Because most people use it to enjoy and fun. The kids mostly like that feature and they like to buy the hoverboard which has a built-in speaker.

Follow me Feature

After the follow me drones follow Me hoverboards are available. They are the most advanced self-balancing products. But they are the most expensive. This feature is not important for most people but some people its a great option.


Mostly branded hoverboards come with their app. This app shows the performance of their product about speed, battery life, charging time, distance covered, and much more. Some hoverboards can automatically be controlled by the app. These hoverboards work as the remote hoverboard you can ride it from the app. If you have a high amount then you will love this kid of hoverboards.

Why you should get a hoverboard? Benefits of hoverboards?

  • Environment-Friendly: Electric Scooters and Hoverboards are environmentally friendly and quiet too! Electric scooters, as the name suggests, are powered by an electric motor, so there are no emissions released into the atmosphere. Today pollution is increasing very fastly as the previous years because more vehicles smoke. Hoverboards and electric scooters do not increase 1% of pollution.
  • Saving your Travel Time and Money (Best Benefits of scooters or hoverboards): Hoverboards and electric scooters used for small distances (small distance did not mean 1 or 2 km). Mostly hoverboards and electric scooters can cover more than 13-20 km on a single charge only. That is a one-time investment. If you buy the best Hoverboard, then you can use it to go to the office and kids can go to school. Due to the benefits of hoverboards and electric scooters, our a lot of money saved, and our time is also collected, which we waste waiting for a taxi or bus.
  • No Parking Required(Easy to Keep): They are small enough and comfortable enough to store, so riding them to work and popping them in a cupboard, or even folded up under your desk is a real option – no need for expensive parking spaces, or to worry about your bicycle or motorcycle being stolen, you can take your e scooter indoors with you without it getting in the way.
  • Not any Driving Licence Required: Most electric scooters and hoverboards do not require any form of driving license, so they are an excellent option for those of you who do not have a license or cannot obtain a permit, either through choice or due to medical reasons.
  • Great Fun and Enjoyment: Initially, that was made for kids and bought the passage of time and improvements that become famous among adults. Now there is no limit of time and age. Adults hoverboards and Scooters are available in the market. Riding these gadgets are great fun. Most kids like to ride that gadget because they can cover a lot of distances in minutes and feel free to go anywhere without external expenses.
  • They’re Portable and Light Weight: If you have a problem somewhere on your journey, it is easy to push or carry the scooter home, instead of having to call in a recovery company or someone with a van. If your battery runs dead while out and about, you can ride it like a conventional scooter – human-powered!
  • They are easy to Maintain and very Durable: The simple design means there’s not much to go wrong. Many models even have tires that can’t be punctured, the handlebars and deck are durable and unlikely to break, so keeping them clean, and drying them after use is all most people will have to do.

Best place to buy hoverboards?

Online stores


Best Buy

Local Shop

Hoverboard Certified brands?

Is hoverboard Dangerous?

No, hoverboards are not dangerous now because they are UL2272 certified it means they are tested and safe to use.
People like to ride the hoverboards and also taking more interest in their safety.

Safety is important because of the speed and large batteries of these hoverboards.

In 2015 many cases happened due to the combustion of these batteries due to overheating or overcharging.
People start complaining about these self-balancing hoverboards. In 2016 Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) take action, and UL 2272 certificate is introduced and given to the hoverboard by checking it in many different tests for the safety of the consumers.
After this UL2272 hoverboard test, local batteries of hoverboards and electric scooters are replaced by good ones, which make them more secure.
After that many issues of hoverboards solved
People satisfied that UL 2272 certified hoverboards have not any issue of battery and charging. Feel free to enjoy your Journey on Hoverboards and scooters. But when you buy local hoverboard and scooter, there will be doubt, so Before buying the best hoverboard of your choice, check out that is hoverboard UL 2272 certified. UL 2272 is shown on the box of product and also written in the description that the product is UL 2272 certified. When it is UL 2272 certified, you need not worry, and you have selected the good one according to your budget Price.

Hoverboards are Safe Now to Ride

Hoverboards help us to reach our destination in a short time and in a safe way. They do not pollute the environment, and that industry is constantly increasing due to its benefits in life. They are making life easy for going outside with friends. Good hoverboards give us much time to enjoy with friends Their Battery performance is improved.

Hoverboard Safety Tips!

  • During hoverboard charging, keep it away from the fire.
  • Remove the charger when the hoverboard is charged.
  • Remain in the safe speed
  • Use safety kits for your use
  • Read the product instruction for your guidance.
  • Avoid form overcharging.

Hoverboard Battery Life

A question is always asked from me that “How long does a hoverboard battery last on a full charge.”
On full charge usually, good hoverboards covered 8-16 miles or 3 Hours.
Hoverboards are an emerging trend for small distances transport.
Some hoverboards may cover more than 16+miles distance on a single full charge. Do not be worried about that because many factors affect the battery time of a hoverboard.
Soon you will get the answer to your question “How long does a hoverboard battery last on full charge” By reading that factor. I will give you the suggestion of how you can improve the timing of your hoverboard for long-distance.

Various Factors Affect Hoverboard’s Battery Life/Time.

  • Brand of a Battery Cell: Battery time of the hoverboard reduced over time when you ride your hoverboard daily. Top Battery brands like Samsung and LG cell come with excellent quality, and these cells provide you with the long-lasting battery time. Some chines good Brand also offers excellent battery cells for best hoverboards. Before purchasing the hoverboard, you need to check the quality and the Brand of the hoverboard which you are buying.
  • Tire of Hoverboards: The tire size determines the type of the hoverboard. Mostly the hoverboard is used 6.5 and 8 for kids. They are known as simple hoverboards. But the above 10 inches and other hoverboards mostly come for adults. They are also known as All Terrain Hoverboard. All-terrain hoverboard quality is because of their tire size. Larger size tire hoverboards can be a ride on all kind of roads and surfaces.
  • Road Condition: 6.5 and some 8-inch hoverboards are for a mostly smooth surface and kids. Road condition affects battery time more. I have seen that when you use your hoverboard on a smooth surface, it covers a long distance as compared when you ride it on grassy grounds and parks. Big hoverboards are used for such a rough surface. All-terrain hoverboards are the best choice to use on all kinds of surfaces.
  • Weight of Rider: The weight of the rider is an essential factor which affects the more battery time. When a lite weight rider uses the hoverboards, not consumes much battery when as that hoverboard is ride by the heavier weight rider. Before buying the hover, check the weight limit of the hoverboard because all hoverboards are different and have their unique weight limit. Adults should never use kids’ hoverboards because their weight capacity is low, which may harm your self.
  • Temperature: Battery consumption in summer is faster as compared to the winter season because, in summer, environment temperature is high and may affect your hoverboard battery life. Because when hoverboard rides in summer, that becomes very hot quickly and consumes battery very fast.
  • Brand: The Brand of the hoverboard may affect the battery time of the hoverboard. Right brand hoverboard uses a good battery for its best performance because all their parts or accessories are integrated for their best performance, that lacks in the low-quality hoverboard.

How to Extend hoverboards Battery Life?

  • Charge hoverboard Everyday
  • Do use the full battery at once.
  • During charging hoverboard, keep it away from the fire.
  • Do not overcharge your hoverboard.
  • Do not keep the hoverboard near.
  • Shut down when battery low alarm hears.
  • Remove the charger when the hoverboard is charged.
  • Read the product instruction for your guidance.

Hoverboard vs Electric Unicycle


Electric unicycles or single wheel scooters have one huge advantage over the two-wheel hoverboards. They are faster. Single wheel scooters have maximum speeds of up to 22mph—way superior to hoverboards that make 10mph on the higher end of things. This is way great for people who love travelling fast and feeling on top of the world, single-wheel scooters give you just that.

Off-road Feature

Because the electric unicycle has one bigger wheel, it means that you can travel over a wide variety of terrains. With a 10-inch wheel you can easily ride over grass, dirt, gravel, and pretty much any rough surface you can imagine. That’s a big advantage considering the fact that a two-wheel hoverboard with a 7-inch tire can only be useful in smooth surfaces.

Climbing over Curbs and even Stairs

Depending on the size of your single wheel scooter’s wheel the bigger the better and the level of your expertise, you can overcome several obstacles in your way. Some people at least from the single wheel scooter videos I have seen have even managed to go over a fleet of stairs. This is very impressive compared to the two-wheel self-balancing scooters that have to be lifted once you approach a curb or even a fairly raised bump. They even struggle to go over cracks on surfaces.

The Learning Curve

The learning curve for a single wheel electric scooter is way bigger compared to the two-wheel hoverboard. Common sense actually just tells you that it’s going to be tough to balance on a single wheel electric scooter. You don’t just take a few tumbles while learning to ride these scooters, you actually get hammered several times before you can consider yourself an expert. Unlike the two-wheel self-balancing scooters which take only a few minutes to get a hang of.


Electric unicycles are way heavier compared to the two-wheel hoverboards with the lightest of these weighing 30+lbs. Two-wheel scooters, on the other hand, are pretty light and can be carried at any time without using too much muscle.


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