Best Electric Unicycle

Best Electric Unicycle

Today we will step away from hoverboards (two-wheel self-balancing scooters) for a moment and review the best electric unicycle.

Electric unicycles differ from hoverboards in one significant way. They have a single wheel and the hoverboard has 2 wheels.

Unlike the hoverboards, electric unicycles have larger wheels measuring between 12 and 16 inches in diameter, with some outliners having a huge 18″ wheel. Unicycle cover more distance, more speed, and long-lasting battery timing.

Electric unicycles are found all over the market in different modifications and colors. They also come with different prices. Some of these electric scooters are cheap price, while others can be quite pricey.

Today, however, we are going to look at the affordable and the best of these units.
Hopefully, at the end of this guide, we will find out which is the top electric unicycle.

IOTAtrax lightweight and portable unicycle

If you are looking for an ultra-lightweight and modern stylish unicycle, then that is perfect for everyone.

Review Features:
Approximate Price: ($400-$499)

IOTAtrax light weight unicycle
  • Top Speed:   6 MPH or ( 9.7 KPH)
  • Maximum Range: 8 miles or ( 13 km)
  • Maximum Load:  180 lbs or (81 kg)
  • Charging time: 40 minutes
  • Handle: yes
  • Digital meter: Yes
  • Tire size:  8 inch
  • App-Controlled: No
  • Water resistance: yes
  • Bluetooth speaker: No
  • LED Front/backlight: yes
  • Motor Power: x watts
  • Climbing Angle: 10 degrees

It is fun to ride and made for high performance. It’s the best birthday gift for your kids.
It is just made for fun and short distance. The company focuses on portability, and they said you could carry it anywhere. It does not look odd, and you will not be disturbed by carrying it.

The 8-inch tire is an excellent addition in it, which means it can be ridden on any surface.

The company makes its safest unicycle for adults to kids. Its charging time is just only 40 minutes; it means you do not need to wait for hours to cover 2-3 miles.
It is mostly used by the kids and the professional people who like to go to the office daily. That design is also very excellent, and it is easy to ride. The bad thing is that it is not made for heavy adults.

It supports on 81kg weight. But if your load is less than the 81kg, you do not worry. It will work correctly for you.
IOTAtrax is the professional lightweight unicycle or hoverboard in 2020.

LJHHH Electric Unicycle Best for Beginners

This is the best stylish and portable electric unicycle. it’s best for kids and beginners. It can be used by small distance office use.

Review Features:
Approximate Price: ($900-$1100)

unicycle for beginner
  • Top Speed:   12MPH or (20 KPH)
  • Maximum Range:  13 miles or (21 km)
  • Maximum Load:  265 lbs or (120 kg)
  • Charging time: 1.5 hours
  • Handle: yes
  • Tire size:  14 inch
  • App-Controlled: No
  • Water resistance: yes
  • Bluetooth speaker: No
  • LED Front/back light: yes
  • Motor Power: x watts
  • Climbing Angle: 18 degrees

Now most of us want to go office on their electric unicycle that the best product for them because most of the used office is 1-2 miles away from our home. No one wants to wait for a long time stucking on the road due to high traffic.

LJHHH 12MPH electric unicycle has the shortest charging time of 1.5 hours and can cover 21 kilometers on the single charge.

That electric unicycle has some extra features which make it the more secure electric unicycle. Sometimes we forget to remove the charger off due to the battery of the unicycle damaged and lost its performance.

In this unicycle, the latest technology is installed when the charging is completed. The charging will stop automatically; it means it will remain to save. It has a cooling system. You enjoy your ride.
That is the reason we have said it beginners best unicycle.

Its inflate tire makes it easy to use it on all the terrain. The paddle and body of the product are made of good material, and you did not get any junk during its ride.

The non-slip pad provides the extra safety of the beginners during their learning how to ride a unicycle.

InMotion V5F Solowheel Glide 2 – Best Affordable Price unicycle

The most affordable electric unicycle is InMotion V5F, which is suitable for all kinds of riders.

Review Features:
Approximate Price: ($600-$700)

InMotion V5F unicycle
  • Top Speed:  15 MPH or (24 KPH)
  • Maximum Range: 25 miles or (40 km)
  • Maximum Load: 260 lbs or (118 kg)
  • Charging time: 3.5 hours
  • Handle: yes
  • Tire size:  14 inch
  • Water resistance: yes
  • Bluetooth speaker: yes
  • LED Front/back light: yes
  • Motor Power: 550 watts
  • Climbing Angle: 30 degrees

That comes with the all feature which a rider wants in high unicycles. Its design is so slim, and it’s a lightweight unicycle available in the market.

The design is very excellent you can ride this electric unicycle anywhere you want to ride it means you can use it on your trip or you can use it as a commuting unicycle.

Its load capacity is 260lbs, which means most adults can use it without any hesitation. Its charging time is just 3.5 hours, and in a single charge, you can ride up to 25miles.

But that distance can vary due to the weight of the rider and surface of the ground where you are riding. Its 14-inch tire is made of durable material. If the weight of the rider is low, then its performance increases and can cover a longer distance, that unicycle has the latest technology speaker, which provides enough good quality sound that you will not feel bore on your long trip or ride.

Rain can ruin our electrical products during our ride, but these are water-resistant, which means you can enjoy the small train. Still, if you try to use it in heavy rain, you may lose it, and then you need to repair it by your self or from the maker.

It depends on you; we have to provide detail on how to maintain your unicycle.
Our team likes it very much and performs well on every ride.

Intelligent Drift Car – Best handle motorized unicycle

This product is specially made for who wants to ride unicycle by standing straight. The company made due to the demand of riders.

Review Features:
Approximate Price: ($1100-$1300)

Intelligetn drift car unicycle handle
  • Top Speed:   15.5MPH or (25 KPH)
  • Maximum Range:  12 miles or (20 km)
  • Maximum Load: 330 lbs or (150 kg)
  • Charging time: 2.5-4 hours
  • Handle: yes
  • Digital meter: yes
  • Tire size:  10 inch
  • App Controlled: No
  • Water resistance: yes
  • Bluetooth speaker: No
  • LED Front/back light: yes
  • Motor Power: 800 wattsClimbing Angle: 18 degrees

Best handle unicycle is Drift Car Thinking. It is made of aluminum material, which is the best material used for high-quality products.

Its 800W motor provides enough power that a heavy adult can use this unicycle easily. Its tire is flexible and more durable. The company said you could use it mostly surface.

If you are looking at the off-road unicycle for adults, it will not disappoint you. On the handle, it has a digital meter that shows the speed battery life and other states about the product.
Its design is more eye-catching among all riders. Led light design is good and looking more suitable according to its design. Some unicycles can be used only in the day time, but this has a sound indication system and light system.
No dought it’s very comfortable and durable unicycle and having more positive reviews.

InMotion V10F – Best Selling Unicycle

InMotion is a famous brand that makes excellent electric products. InMotion V10F unicycle is the top electric unicycle.

Review Features:
Approximate Price: ($1800-$1900)

inmotion V10F unicycle
  • Top Speed:  25MPH or (40KPH)
  • Maximum Range: 62miles or (100 km)
  • Maximum Load: 260 lbs or (118 kg)
  • Charging time: 7-8 hours
  • Handle for
  • Tire size:  inch
  • Water resistance: yes
  • Bluetooth speaker: yes
  • LED Front/backlight: yes
  • Motor Power: 2000 watts
  • Climbing Angle: 30 degrees

It can be used both from adults and kids. V10F offers a maximum of high speed 25 miles with the distance covered 60 miles on a single charge. It means anyone can use it for their daily entertainment or traveling purpose.

This is made of durable material, and electric unicycles can be used for off-road purposes. Its tire is also according to its design and use. Its casing is best for all-terrain no matter where you are riding.

Just put your foot on its pedals and enjoy your ride. This unicycle comes with an excellent cooling system. It means you do not need to stop your unicycle for the cooling purpose (because of some stops due to using for a long time or having a weak battery).

InMotion V10F electric unicycle comes with an excellent braking system and also having braking light. It enough you can enjoy riding from the stairs quickly; it will not hurt you during your ride.
InMotion has and handles for the carrying or pull by keeping it on the ground with the help of its stick handle.

LJHHH Outdoor motorized Electric Unicycle

Some people like want the fastest unicycle but some want to cover more distance we know that every person has their own choice and need.

Review Features:
Approximate Price: ($2100-$2400)

LJHHH outdoor premium unicycle
  • Top Speed:   28MPH or (45 KPH)
  • Maximum Range: 62 miles or (100 km)
  • Maximum Load:  330 lbs or (150 kg)
  • Charging time: 7-9 hours
  • Handle: yes
  • Digital meter: yes
  • Tire size:  18 inch
  • App-Controlled: No
  • Water resistance: yes
  • Bluetooth speaker: No
  • LED Front/back light: yes
  • Motor Power: 1800 wattsClimbing Angle: 25 degrees

For the outdoor, enjoy every who wants to enjoy long cover on their trip or any other journey. On the single charge, this unicycle can cover 100 km. That speed is possible due to its large size 18-inch unicycle.

When anyone invests a high amount, they want more comfortable, security, durability, and mobility. That is the reason the price of the unicycle warry from brand to brand.

It comes with an excellent braking system sound braking system is the basic need of unicycle. Its braking system is a premium system.

28MPH speed is not a slow speed sometimes. We need to stop our unicycle. Then an excellent braking system provides more security.

If your office is a little 1-5 miles away from your home, you can use it for many days.

The smart digital meter and LED system look very impressive.

VIRO Rides Free-Style Hoverboard

Unicycle Buying Guide – Electric unicycle Buyer’s Guide 2020

Before going to buy anything, you need to check the detail of the product for your best buy and see that is that product fulfills your need yes or not? Requirements change person to person.

Now before buying to the top electric unicycle, you need to see some features to pick one according to your need.

Weight Capacity

When you are buying unicycles for your kid, you do not need any preference because all unicycles will good for your kid. But if you want to buy an electric for yourself or heavy adults, you need to check the weight capacity of the unicycle.
Some unicycle has low weight capacity, and some have high you buy, which can carry your weight quickly.

Weight capacity mattery if you buy chich not support your weight, it will become out of control when you ride or stop working.

Their motor designed according to the need now in today mostly unicycles can carry adults easily, but for heavy adults, they need to check weight limit first then buy.

Battery Power

Battery power matters a lot in unicycle. More the battery power the long-lasting it has the battery and long time enjoy.

If you want to buy a unicycle for your kid, you do not need to spend $$$$ for them because of many affordable unicycles available in the market which comes with a good battery which is enough for the entry of your kid.

But if you are buying it for commuting unicycle or for going to college, university or office, then you need a better battery power unicycle.

Seated or Standing Unicycle

Before buying an electric scooter, you need to decide which unicycle you want to be seated or sanding because seated unicycle people thing is old stylish. Still, it’s very comfortable some users it is also suitable for some time when we are tired a lot then we can use its seat and cover our distance. But standing unicycle is the trendy every kid or young go for the standing unicycle. Both are good, that choice depends on you what do you like. Seated unicycles are extremely easy to use as compared to standing unicycle.


No doubt, the unicycle speed is higher than electric scooters. If you are going to buy an electric bike for the kid, it’s highly recommended to buy with a lower speed electric scooter. But if your kid has experience or you are buying for an adult person or your self, then it depends on their need for what reason they are buying it. If they are trained, then you can go for top speed unicycle.

Riding Skills

Riding skills also matters in choosing a unicycle mostly that is seen for when you are buying it for your kid because they are not trained, and they did not think what happed if they fall because they are kid, and they want to enjoy their ride.


The size of the scooter is an excellent matter to see if its size is too big; it will not look good during your ride because you can get quickly tired, and you can not easily carry it. Now mostly scooter size is suitable for all users; no matter is kid or adult, all are suitable for everyone to use. The manufacture knows everyone wants a lightweight, high-performance scooter and also stylish.

Battery Timing / Charging time

In the low price unicycle, their battery timing is little, and charging time is also not high. It matters when you are investing in $1000 unicycle because if it took 10-12 hour in charging it’s not right, it means your putting your money in the dustbin. That feature change with the money you invest in buying a top electric unicycle. Now in the available unicycle, the charging time is 7-8 hours, which can cover 25miles easily.

FAQs: Self-balancing motorized Unicycle (one wheel)

Are electric Unicycle safe?

Yes, Electric Motorized unicycle is safe. Now they are tested and UL certified which means they have not any issue of combustion or any other any issue. You just enjoy your ride without any hesitation.

Is learning to ride a unicycle hard?

It a little difficult as compared to electric scooters. electric unicycles have the same way of balancing as a hoverboard. You just put one foot on the pad of the unicycle then other. it automatically adjusts itself. when you move your body its starts moving.

How long does it take to learn to unicycle?

it does not take much time to learn how to ride a unicycle you just need to adjust your body position for balancing. Most people learn with the support of a wall or human. One person is riding and another person carries his/her hand for support. As they learn it in hours without falling down or any major problem.

is it good to wear protective gear during Unicycle ride?

Its answers is definitely yes. because these electric powdered unicycle has much speed. To protect our-self from any danger we need to some safety gear during unicycle ride. Professionals highly recommend to the newbie who started riding unicycle currently. If we do not take care we can face a major problem. So to keep our self safe; we have selected the best electric unicycle Protective/safety gear.

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